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What Comes From a Swamp

 narrative | s16mm | 16 min

 narrative | s16mm | 16 min

director, cinematographer, production design

What Comes From a Swamp follows a young man struggling to care for the humanoid being he's concealed within a crawlspace since childhood.

Blending surreal, dramatic, and horrifying elements, Swamp meditates on lingering fantasies, traumas and images from youth.


• KODAK / UFVF Student Scholarship Gold Award (1st Place) 

• Ploiesti International Film Festival, Ploiesti, Romania

• Ithaca Fantastik International Film Festival

• Top Ranking Student, Portland Unkown Film Festival

• Moviate Underground Film Festival

• Jury Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, 24fps International Short Film Festival

• Buried Alive Film Fest

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