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 narrative | s16mm | 14 min

director, cinematographer, production design

"Fish infest the piping of a dilapidated apartment and appear in unlikely places as moisture encroaches. A stunning portrait of a mother and daughter, Pond's powerful images linger."

— Chicago International Film Festival

"...a surreal portrait of a distressed childhood, painted with somber strokes. Macri’s film is a powerful, quirky piece of independent cinema."

— Doris Bauer, Vienna Shorts

Supported in part by KODAK and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Ubiquarian review:


•New Orleans International Film Festival
•Curta Cinema (Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival)
•Chicago International Film Festival
•Brooklyn Film Festival
•Florida International Film Festival
•Vienna Shorts, Austria
•Leiden Shorts, Netherlands

•Maryland International Film Festival
•Manlleu Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain
•deadCenter Film Festival
•Indy Film Festival
•Boston Short Film Festival

•Moviate Underground Film Festival
•London Short Film Festival, United Kingdom
•Cinema Luz, Short Night Vol. 2, Chicago Filmmakers

•Ivy Film Festival (Grand Jury Selection)

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